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Derrick Buchanan, Bedford

success story Derrick Buchanan

Derrick purchased his last 3 vehicles at ABC MotorCredit in Akron. While the Buick LaSabre is his favorite car that he financed at ABC MotorCredit, his all-around dream car is a Dodge Charger! The two things that made the biggest impression during his first visit and every visit since are: how nice the staff is and the volume and diversity of available vehicles.

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Derrick Buchanan
ABC MotorCredit Graduate

• Loyal, Repeat Customer
• 3 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: Buick LaSabre
• Dream car: Dodge Charger
• He refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
• Advice for people considering getting their vehicle through ABC MotorCredit: “It’s a good place to buy a vehicle!”
• Favorite experience with ABC MotorCredit vehicle: His road trip to New York in his Pontiac Grand Prix!
• Credit rating increased