Youngstown Ohio Used Car Dealer | Sharon Dowdell Success Story

Sharon Dowdell, Youngstown

success story Sharon Dowdell, Youngstown

Sharon Dowdell visited five local car dealerships when looking for a reliable, affordable used car, but unfortunately, repeatedly found the staff to be impersonal and not very friendly towards customers with credit problems.

Sharon has called Youngstown home for most of her life, and heard about ABC MotorCredit from good ol’ word-of-mouth. So she went, and what she found was refreshing and welcoming.

ABC MotorCredit treats people like people

ABC MotorCredit was a completely different atmosphere: respectful, personal, easy to work with.

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories. Customers like Sharon need a reliable car, but in addition, they need help rebuilding credit ratings, something ABC MotorCredit has been doing successfully for over 20 years.

‘I refer ABC MotorCredit to friends and family because they’re so easy to work with. They make you feel like a person, not a number or credit rating,’ Sharon said about our Youngston Ohio dealership.

We’re proud to call Sharon Dowdell an ABC MotorCredit Success Story, and are committed to give her the tools to help her reach her credit goals and dreams!

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Sharon Dowdell
Proud Grandma • Repeat ABC Customer • Graduated to Better Credit

• Favorite ABC MotorCredit benefit: polite and respectful staff
• Loves drives with grandson to Geauga Lake
• 2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Dream job: physician
• Best part of ABC: treats people like people, not credit scores
• Recommends ABC MotorCredit to friends and family
• Credit goals: Aiming for 750 and well on her way!
• Dream car: Ford Fusion that parks itself