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Gold Line Vehicles

gold line vehicles

ABC MotorCredit, your trusted buy here pay here Ohio dealership, is proud to introduce you to our Gold Program. This program has been created in order to allow us to provide Ohio used car shoppers with amazing financial help on some of the market’s most premier used vehicles.

Ohio Used Car Dealer Offers Exclusive Gold Line Inventory

Subprime auto finance has never been easier, more inviting, or more exciting than it is today. Although most traditional brick-and-mortar auto dealerships in NE Ohio still turn away hundreds of good people with credit challenges, ABC MotorCredit readily embraces them. Moreover, ABC MotorCredit not only welcomes good people in need of subprime auto finance, but also purposefully designs programs, incentives, and services to further help these subprime auto finance folks improve their credit while driving in a great car. One such exciting program exclusively offered at ABC MotorCredit that is unattainable anywhere else is the Exclusive Gold Line Vehicles Program.

Here’s what makes this program so exciting for qualified subprime auto finance customers:

If you’re used to driving a luxury vehicle, you can do that again!

No one plans on having a low credit score or a tainted credit history. No used car dealership non-judgmentally understands the stress, embarrassment, and frustration that many car shoppers with lousy credit feel when looking for a vehicle better than ABC MotorCredit. From unexpected medical challenges, divorces, foreclosures, and bankruptcies to suddenly losing your high-paying job, good people often suddenly find themselves struggling so much financially that it leads to late (or no) payments made on their loans. From CEOs to entrepreneurs used to driving nothing but top-of-the-line cars, ABC MotorCredit has created an exclusive inventory of vehicles with you in mind.

If you’ve always wanted to drive a high-end vehicle, you can finally do that!

Because of the unique and wonderful programs at ABC MotorCredit, most customers continue to do business with Ohio’s best buy here, pay here used car dealership long after they selected their first vehicle. As a reward for subprime auto finance customers who have steadfastly rebuilt their credit one on-time auto loan payment at a time, ABC MotorCredit offers you the opportunity to get yourself into that beautiful, luxurious car you’ve always dreamed of!

The Exclusive Gold Line Vehicle Inventory

From a head-turning, sharp Mercedes to the highly-sought-after Lincoln Navigator, the Dodge Charger, and the Chrysler 300, ABC MotorCredit's exclusive Gold Line inventory has something for every qualified subprime auto finance customer wanting an even better, more reliable, and sharper car than the traditional used car inventory. Want to test drive a Hummer? Thinking about that Cadillac or Acura TSX? No problem! ABC MotorCredit has that upscale inventory of vehicles you never thought possible at a bad credit used car dealership.