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Bedford Staff


Al Zahran has been with ABC for a while now and became part of the sales staff in the Akron store in April, 2015. He really enjoys working with customers to make their car purchase an enjoyable experience. Al will have his customers laughing throughout the entire car purchase process, to make the experience pleasant and enjoyable for all his customers, when you go to see Al, be prepared to laugh. Al has already established a reputation of doing absolutely his best to get you driving and getting you into a vehicle you will enjoy. In Al’s spare time, he enjoys building miniature buildings, playing call of duty, spending time with his ever growing amount of friends!

Kisha Gonzalez

Hi, My name is Kisha, i joined the ABC team in May of 2016, i love my job here, i work hard to get my customers in a newer, nicer vehicle with affordable payments. My job is to make the customer happy and get them driving, i love to make the experience joyful and exciting for all who come to see me. I like to build relationships with my customers, my favorite thing about ABC is the referral program, i love it when i can see someone get a free car by sending some referrals my way! If you come see me you will not be disappointed and you will drive out of here smiling!

Joi Allen

Hello, My name is Joi and I have been with ABC, since January 2017. my experience with ABC has been a much different experience than what I'm used to, in the work field. Coming into this field has been a challenge, with excitement and goodness in my heart to help others, I wouldn't have it any other way. ABC has taught me so many different things, most importantly how helping others will open up so many opportunities for me, this is why I put my best foot forward to do everything in my power to get each and every one of my customer driving in a dependable vehicle that is affordable for them, and stick by the ABC motto. Enjoying being a new Grandmother I make every customer that sit at my desk want to revisit. Helping you get a vehicle is personal. Come and see me today, I'll be the Joyful one sitting by the door it's always a party at my desk.

Chris Modenbach

Hi there, my name is Chris, I joined ABCmotorcredit in June of 2017 and I really enjoy selling cars and taking care of my customers driving needs. I like to make sure that my customers are satisfied with their purchase and throughout their use of the car. A little bit about me, Im very passionate about cars, how they work, how they run, and all the little bells and whistles. I like to go to car shows to see the antique and classic cars, I think this all helps me understand the nature of vehicles to people, I myself own a 1969 Firebird that I take extremely good care of. Great customer service is important to me, and I use all that knowledge to take show that customer service to my customers. I enjoy working with all people, and learning new things together.

Eddie Graham

Hello my name is Eddie and my 18 years of mortgage sales and customer service experience ensure that I will do everything I can to get you a vehicle that meets your needs and your budget. Helping people into a newer, better vehicle doesn’t feel like a job to me. I enjoy meeting new customers every day. My goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Stop by and see me anytime, I’ll make sure to make your day!

Shamika Bonner

Hello my name is Shamika!! I have only been with ABC Motorcredit since January 2018 BUT I get the job done and will get you driving in a great nicer newer vehicle that you are gonna LOVE! I have 5+ years in customer service and retail sales so you can definitely put your trust in me to help you with your transportation problems! I have a very bubbly personality and I am always smiling and eager to help everybody that walks through those doors! When I am not here getting people driving I love to play video games, bake delicious treats, dance, read and hang out with my amazing 2 year old son Kai.. Come see me in Bedford! Can't wait to meet you!!

Khaleel Davis

Khaleel Davis, better known as Kayye joined AbcMotorCredit in March of 2018. Born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Comes from a strong background in customer service. Kaye enjoys working with people, he enjoys and employs a wide variety of talents, while not solving transportation Problems at Abcmotorcredit, Kayye does professional choreography, having been a dancer who graduated in 2014 from the Cleveland schoold of the arts. Kayyes passion is to give back to others through his dance. Blessed with an outgoing and loveable personality, he believes the way to achieve your dreams is hard work, determination and effort all put into achieving your goals. Kayye can make anyone smile, a pleasure to work with and someone to rely on when you need your transportation problems solved.

Tallmadge Staff

Bill Blott

Hello! My name is Bill Blott. I joined the ABC family in July 2015. My 18 years of sales and service experience ensure that I will do everything I can to get you a vehicle that meets your needs and your budget. I understand that car buying can be stressful so I try to keep things light and have fun in the process. My goal is to make sure that you are as satisfied with your purchase the day you pay it off as you are the day you drive it home. Call me and let’s get you rolling!

Debbie Hawk

Debra Hawk has been with ABC since November of 2008 and became part of the sales staff in the Canton store in August, 2010. She really enjoys working with customers to make their car purchase an enjoyable experience. Her motto is to treat each person the way she expects to be treated, with respect and kindness. Though she has no past sales experience, she has been able to help many people already. Debbie will always do her best to get you driving. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, reading and spending time with friends and family (especially the grandkids).

Tiana Hawkins

Hello my name is Tiana and I am excited to work for ABC Motor Credit! I was welcomed with open arms since I’ve started here in August of 2014. I never would have thought I would be working as a transportation problem solver considering I have little experience in sales, let alone cars! But with my 10+ years experience in customer service, I was confident in my decision and what I can bring to the company! Come in and see me TODAY, I would love to make your car buying experience the best decision you have ever made! #teamabcmotorcredit

Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart is a new addition to ABC MotorCredit, bringing 7 years of customer service and sales experience. Helping people into a newer, better vehicle doesn’t feel like a job to Kevin. He enjoys meeting new customers every day, and seeing them leave ABC MotorCredit satisfied with a smile on their faces. He looks forward to you being the next!

Sarah Burt

Hiii my name is Sarah! I am the newest member to the Tallmadge ABC MotorCredit family and I am beyond excited to start helping people get driving! I've been in customer service for years and now I'm starting a new journey in sales. I am able to go above and beyond to help people while having a blast! We know how to have fun and can make your experience one you won't forget. Outside of my work I enjoy cooking, reading, lots and lots of outdoor activities, spending time with family and of course my pets :)