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Greg Clark, Bedford


A loyal, repeat customer since 2002, Greg and his wife have purchased 3 vans and 4 cars at ABC MotorCredit throughout the years! When Greg and his wife needed an additional car for their family, they felt like their choices might be limited (if they could even get financing) because at the time they were not as financially stable as they wanted to be. Nonetheless, they still needed a vehicle! Fortunately, they contacted ABC MotorCredit and were happy to discover not only that they got approved for financing, but also that they had a huge inventory of vehicles from which to choose! For their first vehicle with ABC MotorCredit, they chose a van that they absolutely loved; it was kid-friendly and had plenty of room for the whole family! 

While there are lots of reasons Greg and his family have continued to return to ABC MotorCredit for all their vehicle purchases, they are especially loyal to the company because: they were able to rebuild their credit, they appreciate that the dealership is trustworthy, and they love the fact that should there ever be any trouble with any of their vehicles, “They can get it fixed!”

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Greg Clark

Devoted husband, loving father of 3, and happy owner of 7 different vehicles from ABC MotorCredit since 2002 • Steelers Fan (Yes, he does often get hassled about his loyalty to the Pittsburgh team but says "It’s worth it!") - ABC MotorCredit Graduate

  • 7-vehicle ABC MotorCredit customer 
  • Best things about ABC MotorCredit: excellent customer service, a great opportunity to rebuild credit, and really nice, reliable vehicles 
  • Favorite ABC MotorCredit vehicle: The Caravan ~ plenty of room for the wife, the kids (and all their friends), and it’s a comfortable and enjoyable ride to drive everyone all over town! 
  • His dream vehicle: The Durango ~ for all its roominess 
  • Favorite adventure in ABC MotorCredit van: lots of mini road trips with the family, including a fun road trip to Michigan for a family reunion 
  • Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit; in fact, inspired his brother to buy a vehicle at ABC MotorCredit 
  • Credit score improved substantially 
  • Graduated to better credit rating 
  • Credit improved enabling lower interest rates