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Michael Shollenberger, Akron


While doing a general search online for cars, Michael happened upon the ABC MotorCredit website and found a car he really liked. He called the dealership about the vehicle and was instantly impressed with how informative, friendly, and non-pushy the sales person was on the other end of the line. Since Michael happens to work in management in the service industry himself, he knows how important it is for a company to make a great first impression with a potential customer during that very first initial contact. Since the ABC MotorCredit dealership location he contacted was close to both his home and his job, he stopped in at that one. To date, Michael’s financed two vehicles with ABC MotorCredit, with his favorite being his 2012 Ford Focus. There are lots of things Michael likes about car buying at ABC MotorCredit. Michael likes that the sales people are so friendly ~ especially Debbie and Chris, that you can rebuild your credit with each on-time payment you make, and that you can upgrade to a higher-end vehicle in no time at all! He loves that you get rewarded for referring family and friends (though he says he would refer people anyway ~ even without being rewarded for it!). He appreciates the convenience of being able to stop in once a week to make his car payments in person (and have a chat with Chris), and that he can opt to pay his vehicle off early ~ without any penalty or added fees. And, for Michael, the best part about ABC MotorCredit is that “They won’t try to talk you into buying something you can’t afford, they make payments reasonable, and they don’t take you for granted!”

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Michael Shollenberger

  • A customer-centric Manager in the restaurant industry
  • Browns Fan
  • 2-vehicle ABC MotorCredit
  • A true Browns fan, but responsible, hard worker (so when Michael can’t watch a game live because he’s working, he records them and watches them before anyone has a chance to tell him who won!
  • An Ohio State Buckeye Football fan
  • Dream vehicle: a fully-loaded, sporty big truck
  • An awesome adventure in his Ford Focus ~ a road trip to Hartville with his sister, and ~ anywhere! Michael absolutely loves to drive his car and often volunteers to be the designated driver among his friends and, when someone needs to pick up inventory during work, he volunteers for that, too!
  • What Michael likes most about the vehicles he buys at ABC MotorCredit: the stress-free feeling of being able to drive from Point A to Point B (and back again) without having to worry or wonder if his car is going to break down midway through the trip.
  • Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit; in fact, inspired his brother to buy a vehicle at ABC MotorCredit
  • Credit score improved substantially
  • Graduated to better credit rating
  • Credit improved enabling lower interest rates