Pay Off Car Loan Rules Ohio | ABC MotorCredit Drive a Winner Rules

You can enter into the drawing any way you pay us- not just in person. You can even set up your Automatic Recurring payments from your credit or debit card, or bank account to pay extra so you will be entered many times, automatically.

  • Every person with a loan balance at DBS Financial is eligible for this drawing- no matter where you bought your car, how much you owe, or whether or not you still have it.
  • The additional payments reduce your principal balance, so they come off the “back end” of your loan, not your next payment.
  • Entries are loan specific- so whichever loan you make the extra payment on is the loan that is entered into the drawing.
  • Example 1- Your bi-weekly payment is $132.17. You pay $135.00. No entries to the Drive a Winner program. You need to pay at least $5 extra.
  • Example 2- Your monthly payment is $378.23. You pay $400. If you ask to apply it to principal, you will be entered 4 times. ($5 X 4 entries = $20)
  • Example 3- Your weekly payment is $66.12, but you are 4 payments past due. You would need to pay your past due payments, plus any late fees, or NSF fees first. After those are paid, you would get one entry for each additional $5 you pay towards principal.

So what are you waiting for? You can pay your monthly payment online here. If you want to signup for ACH you can do it here.