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Angel Verro, Canton

success story Angel Verro, Canton

Angel Verro was referred to ABC MotorCredit by her nephew when she needed a reliable used car, and other dealerships turned her away due to credit issues.

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories, and welcomed Angel for an entirely new car shopping experience.

After being denied and treated less than fairly at other used car lots, Angel discovered a friendly, knowledgeable team at ABC MotorCredit willing to go out of their way to help, never rushing or pressuring her to make a quick decision.

Angel Verro is our favorite kind of customer: a hard working ABC MotorCredit Success Story, graduating to better credit while making responsible payments and driving a reliable used car.

Sales staff that really listen

“Sales are so nice and helpful,” Angel said. “You can take your time and pick out what you want. They know it’s an important decision and want you to make the right one.”

The ABC MotorCredit sales team, aptly named transportation problem solvers, were not in a rush to push her out the door and into something she didn’t like. They listened, and found the perfect car.

Which is why Angel has returned to ABC MotorCredit for a great used car three times in a row, with better and better credit rating each time and well on her way to the A+ rating she’s working so hard to get.

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Angel Verro
Caring Pediatric Nurse • Good Credit Graduate • Returning 3 car customer

• ABC MotorCredit has kinder, better service than JD Buyer
• Favorite ABC MotorCredit Car: Grand Am
• Loves long drives with her husband
• Appreciates courteous and respectful employees
• ABC MotorCredit: friendly people who want to help
• Credit goal: better credit for home improvements
• Highly recommends ABC to friends, family & neighbors
• Superhero wish: Power to Heal