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Christopher Green, Akron

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Christopher Green is grateful for the patience and willingness of ABC MotorCredit to go that extra mile, despite his struggling credit rating. Chris is not a desperate man, but the way other dealerships treated him before he came to ABC made him pressured and extremely frustrated.

Desperate, he finally discovered ABC MotorCredit, and almost immediately, all the pressure was gone.

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories.

ABC MotorCredit got Christopher Green a van when no one else would help, right at the time he needed a vehicle most. The transportation problem solvers did exactly that: found him the exact car he needed, at a price he could afford. And not once was he rushed, pressured or treated with disrespect.

Since then, he has purchased five additional vehicles from ABC MotorCredit, and with a comprehensive payment schedule and convenient ways to pay, his credit has improved substantially, and he is aiming for a score of 650+.

Congratulations Christopher! We know you are well on your way to reaching the freedom of having an excellent credit score!

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Christopher Green
Akron Native • ABC Credit Superstar • Five-Time ABC Customer

• Quality, safe to drive used cars
• No rush, no pressure sales team
• ABC willing to go the extra mile
• Tells everyone ABC MotorCredit is “the best”
• Favorite ABC road trip: Florida
• Credit Goal: freedom
• Payment schedule rebuilds credit