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Elmer Farmer

success story Elmer Farmer, Canton

Elmer Farmer visited ABC MotorCredit when he was turned away repeatedly from other dealerships because of his credit concerns. His daughter said it was time to try ABC, and Elmer has been a grateful ABC MotorCredit customer ever since

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories.

Elmer Farmer is no longer a bad credit customer, thanks to working with the payment schedule at ABC MotorCredit and making timely, responsible payments on a car he loves to drive.

With an improving credit score, Elmer is now able to pay off bills and refinance his house.

The other dealerships would not give him the time of day, and ABC MotorCredit gave him a chance to rebuild his credit, and the reliable used vehicle he need to get on the road again.

“Improving my credit means I can do what I want, when I want to,” said Elmer Farmer. He is now aiming for A1 credit and looks like he’s well on his way to achieving it.

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Elmer Farmer
Akron Hometown Guy • ABC Credit Graduate • 3-Time ABC Customer

• Personal, patient attention
• Quality warranty for used cars
• Very helpful, friendly sales team
• Dream car: 57 Chevy
• No pressure, no hassle process
• Favorite ABC road trip: Illinois
• Score increased since buying from ABC
• Credit Goal: to do what you want, when you want