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Joann Delprete, Canton

success story  Joann Delprete, Canton

Joann is the chief caregiver of a large, loving family: six kids, 25 grandkids, 2 great grandkids, and one foster daughter. Never a dull moment with plenty of love to go around.

When the need for an affordable car arose, Joann remembered the $99 down yard signs she has seen around town, and knew exactly where to go: ABC MotorCredit. Her experience at ABC proved better than she ever imagined, and two cars later, she’s well on the way to better credit, and referring ABC MotorCredit to everyone she knows.

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories. With responsible car payments, Joann is well on her way to becoming the next ABC MotorCredit Graduate.

Joann takes good care of her family, and ABC MotorCredit takes good care of her automotive needs. Once she bought her Buick LeSabre, she took a much anticipated road trip to New York with family.

“Whoever gets that car is in for a real treat,” Joann said when trading in her ABC MotorCredit Buick LeSabre for an additional nicer, newer car. “This was a really nice ride in a really nice car!”

We’re glad to be able to help Joann find the transportation she needs, and wish her many more safe and happy road trips ahead!

Say Hello to ABC MotorCredit Success Story

Joann Delprete
Proud Grandma • 2 Time ABC Customer • Loving Caregiver

• Love ABC ability to please
• Friendly service, friendly people
• Favorite ABC Car: Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer
• Great warranty and follow-up service
• Credit score goal: getting better
• Dream car: Jaguar
• Best part of ABC: Quality vehicles and excellent service
• Gladly refers friends to ABC MotorCredit