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Robert Calaway, Akron

success story  Robert Calaway, Akron

Long time ABC MotorCredit customer Robert Calaway has a house full of family in Akron. With so much financial responsibility, his credit rating has taken a beating, and ABC MotorCredit has come to the rescue when other dealerships would not.

ABC MotorCredit has been helping good people with bad credit drive great cars since 1990, with many customers becoming ABC MotorCredit Graduates and Success Stories. Robert is one such customer.

Robert tried to work with other used car lots like JD Byrider, but was frustrated with the service he received and the quality of vehicles offered.

Robert found ABC to have higher quality vehicles, to work exceedingly well between the different locations, and provided the one-on-ne personal attention he deserved, and yet is uncommon for customers with credit problems.

Great inventory, experienced mechanics, excellent service

“I’ve bought 4 or 5 cars from ABC so far, with my favorite being a blue Dodge 4-wheel drive Dakota I use for work. My dream car is a Corvette, but right now, I need the truck for work and helping move my kids.”

Buying a car when you have bad credit takes time, but the ABC MotorCredit transportation problem solvers take the time to do it right.

ABC MotorCredit was able to find the car Robert needed not once, but 5 times, with hardwork, extensive research, and patient listening to find the right car at the right price, with an achievable payment plan so credit can be restored.

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Robert Calaway
Full-time Grandpa • 5 Time ABC Customer • Better Credit Graduate

• ABC MotorCredit excellent inventory
• Loves professional, experienced mechanics on staff
• 5 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Dream car: Corvette
• Best part of ABC: able to work with all 4 dealerships
• Absolutely recommends ABC MotorCredit to friends and family
• Credit goals: Good, getting better every day