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Brandi Rader

success story Brandi Rader

Now the proud owner of a Pontiac Aztec, Brandi Rader first heard about ABC MotorCredit from another happy customer. She loves her new car and has even taken several long road trips in it already. “It’s a really nice car!”

Although Brandi heard lots of great things about ABC MotorCredit, she wasn’t sure she’d be approved for a car loan herself and didn’t think she could actually drive away with a dependable, fun, and sharp vehicle. She quickly discovered that ABC MotorCredit has lots of different programs and options in place designed purposefully for good people with bad credit. While she loved the idea of a $99 down payment option and then auto payments of just $99, she also appreciated the option of putting down a higher payment initially and then instantly having the interest rate reduced for her as a result of that bigger first payment! What’s more, the AutoPay option at ABC MotorCredit enables her to never again be late for a car payment since the payment is simply and automatically withdrawn from her account. “ABC MotorCredit offers great service,” shares Brandi. “They have amazing employees there!”

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Brandi Rader
Browns Fan - Happy new ABC MotorCredit Customer

• 1 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Dream car: Cadillac Escalade
• Absolutely recommends ABC MotorCredit to friends and family
• Appreciates the chance to rebuild her credit
• Loves the AutoPay option
• Feels confident driving with the extended warranty program