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Gabrielle Briggins

success story Gabrielle Briggins

While Gabrielle Briggins initially came to ABC MotorCredit’s Youngstown location because of all the great deals she read about online and heard about from her friends, what was the truly deciding factor in purchasing a vehicle from ABC MotorCredit? “They had a car I wanted!” explained Gabrielle. Throughout its decades in business, ABC MotorCredit has continued to maintain its stellar reputation for many things ~ one of which is its phenomenal inventory of diverse cars, trucks, and SUV. For someone with a challenging credit history shopping for a dependable used vehicle, it’s often felt and believed that actually getting the vehicle you love and will enjoy driving is impossible – that you have to instead settle for whatever you can get. With ABC MotorCredit’s awesome inventory, every car shopper can drive away loving the vehicle they choose.

It’s easy to create lifelong memories and fun adventures with the kids when you have a dependable vehicle to take your family on road trips and to venture through your city to explore new things. For Gabrielle Briggins, one of the very first things she did when she bought her Chevrolet Equinox at ABC MotorCredit was something she has wanted to do for a long time ~ take her family to the drive-in movies! “They absolutely loved it!” she shares. “They reclined their seats all the way back!”

What makes Gabrielle just as delighted and even more confident with the family vehicle she purchased at ABC MotorCredit is the extended warranty she got on her vehicle. Should anything happen to her Equinox while out and about on the roads with her kids, the warranty covers a lot, including a convenient towing service so she never has to worry about being stranded somewhere with her children.

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Gabrielle Briggins
Browns Fan - Happy new ABC MotorCredit Customer

• 2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Dream car: Chevrolet Camaro
• Absolutely recommends ABC MotorCredit to friends and family
• Credit report continues to improve
• Appreciates the AutoPay option
• Loves professional, experienced mechanics on staff
• Words of encouragement for new customers: “They’ll work with you!”