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Greg Simione

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A Cleveland Browns fan through and through, Greg Simione desperately wanted to purchase a reliable used vehicle that could get him safely to work, home, and football games, and his kids to all their various school, community, and sports events around town. In a nutshell, he wanted a great car that was dependable and comfortable! After being tired of visiting both traditional car dealership and used car lots only to be told either his credit wasn’t good enough or the down payment that was required would be astronomical, Greg decided to do some surfing online for his next roadworthy vehicle. After googling “buy here, pay here Ohio used car dealerships” and “great cars for good people with bad credit” Greg found ABC MotorCredit online. He filled out the simple application online, perused the extensive inventory online, and then stopped in at ABC MotorCredit dealership in Youngstown where he met ABC MotorCredit staff members Mark and Emma. From that first day he walked into the Youngstown dealership, Greg’s since purchased three vehicles from ABC MotorCredit; today he is the proud owner of a great truck.

While it’s one thing to seek out and locate a used vehicle dealership that will sell you a vehicle even if you don’t have a co-signer, don’t have a stellar credit history, or don’t have a lot of money to put down, it’s quite another to stay with that same dealership – year after year, purchase after purchase. That’s exactly what Greg did. He was so thrilled not only with the fact that his credit history continued to improve with every AutoPay on time payment made, but also that ABC MotorCredit offers so many authentically-unique programs and incentives offered by no other dealership, including: compensation for referring family and friends and a wonderful refinance program that is still flexible even after you’ve already started paying on your vehicle!

Although Greg’s real dream car is a 1969 Dodge Charger and although he’s pretty sure even ABC MotorCredit won’t ever have that car in its inventory, he knows that the sales team at ABC MotorCredit goes out of their way to find just the right vehicle for each customer. “The no-pressure sales staff are easy to get along with,” shares Greg. “Short of the ’69 Charger, they were able to help me find exactly what I wanted!”

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Greg Simione
Browns Fan - Loyal ABC MotorCredit Repeat Customer

• 3 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Favorite ABC MotorCredit car: his truck
• Dream Car: 1969 Dodge Charger
• Has already referred several other people to ABC MotorCredit
• Words of advice: “Go see Mark and Emma at Youngstown!”
• Absolutely recommends ABC MotorCredit to friends and family
• His once-tarnished credit report continues to shine brighter with each payment he makes!