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Heidi Simione

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Of all the ways to find a reputable, customer-centric, and no-pressure used car dealership, word of mouth is undeniably the best. By learning about the wonderful experience a friend or family member had while purchasing a vehicle at a dealership, it instantly alleviates lots of potential stress in what is often an anxiety-inducing experience (especially if you’ve been turned down at other dealerships and your credit history is not currently what you would like it to be). And that’s exactly how ABC MotorCredit’s now-loyal (and repeat) customer, Heidi Simione, came to do business with this “buy here, pay here” used car dealership in Youngstown: through her friend’s recommendation.

While it’s reassuring to do business with a used car dealership that has helped your friends and family members secure their vehicles, what makes it even more amazing is that ABC MotorCredit stands behind its reputation, services, and vehicles so much so that they’ve designed a program to literally reward the person who refers you (and you when you refer others). That’s what happened with Heidi’s friend who told her about ABC MotorCredit’s Youngstown dealership. He received not only a $75 referral fee from ABC MotorCredit’s DBS Financial because Heidi bought a vehicle at ABC MotorCredit and financed it through DBS Financial, but also got an additional $75 bonus payment because he referred Heidi within 45 days of when he first financed his vehicle through DBS Financial!

Although Greg’s real dream car is a 1969 Dodge Charger and although he’s pretty sure even ABC MotorCredit won’t ever have that car in its inventory, he knows that the sales team at ABC MotorCredit goes out of their way to find just the right vehicle for each customer. “The no-pressure sales staff are easy to get along with,” shares Greg. “Short of the ’69 Charger, they were able to help me find exactly what I wanted!”

Now on her second vehicle with ABC MotorCredit, Heidi not only loves her Ford Expedition, but also appreciates how ABC MotorCredit’s Youngstown employees Mark and Emma really went out of their way to help her find just the right-sized SUV vehicle she needed. Since she is always running her kids and their friends around town to all their various school, social, and community events, having a safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicle meant everything to Heidi.

While the GMC Yukon is her latest dream vehicle, this Browns fan knows that when she’s ready to invest in yet her next vehicle, Mark and Emma will help her find it. If Heidi refers 15 folks to ABC MotorCredit, she just might get that dream vehicle sooner rather than later!

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Heidi Simione
Browns Fan - ABC MotorCredit Repeat Customer

• 2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Favorite ABC MotorCredit car: Ford Expedition
• Dream Car: GMC Yukon
• Loves how ABC MotorCredit staff works with her to meet her needs
• Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
• Words of advice to others considering choosing ABC MotorCredit: “Go see Mark and Emma in Youngstown!”
• Credit score improved significantly after first-vehicle purchase