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Jeff and Brandi Myers

success story Jeff and Brandi Myers

When you don’t have a dependable vehicle (or any vehicle at all) it truly limits the places you’ll go and the miles you’ll drive to enjoy events, venture to new places, and find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping; no one wants to have their vehicle break down when they’re quite a distance from home or work. Fortunately, this was the case with Jeff and Brandi Meyers, who recently found and financed his first vehicle with ABC MotorCredit ~ right near his place of employment. While many car shoppers drive in from Pennsylvania to purchase a vehicle at the Youngstown dealership, Jeff simply needed to pull in the lot on his way home from work since the dealership was so close to his place of employment. So, to check out what ABC MotorCredit had to offer, that’s what he did one day.

Jeff and Brandi soon discovered lots of things he loved about the dealership, including the affordable down payment offer that was accepted and the great extended warranty available on all the ABC MotorCredit vehicles. What happily surprised Jeff the most when he came back a few days after his first visit? “We got in a car that day!”

This Browns fan enjoys driving his dependable and comfortable vehicle everywhere ~ and not just to work and back home. “Mark was really nice to work with,” shares Jeff. He appreciated that Mark treated him with respect, explained all the different options and programs, and didn’t pressure him into a vehicle he didn’t want or one with a higher payment that wasn’t good for his budget. Jeff and Brandi are excited about improving their credit score and getting back on track with their finances. Knowing that ABC MotorCredit reports his on-time vehicle payments each month is reassuring and affirms the good choice they made in working with ABC MotorCredit.

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Jeff and Brandi Myers
Pittsburgh Steelers Fan - New ABC MotorCredit Customer

•1 car ABC MotorCredit customer •Dream car: Cadillac STX •Likes the extended warranty rarely offered on used cars but always offered at ABC MotorCredit •Excited about improving his credit score