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Kathy Ramos and Leartis Barnes

success story Kathy Ramos and Leartis Barnes

Some car shoppers come to ABC MotorCredit because they want to improve their credit history; they discovered that ABC MotorCredit’s unique “buy here, pay here” dealership sends customer payment reports to the credit bureaus every month to show how the car buyers are back on track and paying their commitments on time. Other folks choose ABC MotorCredit because of the countless different options, programs, and finance plans the dealership provides; from low down-payment options to the ability to refinance the vehicle should the customer suddenly experience a financial hardship (or a financial windfall!). Still others decide to purchase their vehicle at ABC MotorCredit because of the vast and impressive inventory of cars, SUVs, and trucks the dealership offers. For Kathy Ramos, she decided to do business with ABC MotorCredit for all these reasons and one more: her lack of transportation! Kathy desperately needed a dependable vehicle but didn’t want to have a co-signer, an astronomical interest rate, be expected to come up with a huge down payment, or have to deal with a private seller off of the internet. ABC MotorCredit was the solution for all her concerns.

Kathy purchased two vehicles through ABC MotorCredit. While her first vehicle was a sharp GMC Envoy that she enjoyed, it was her second vehicle that was both her dream vehicle and her favorite vehicle: her Chrysler 300. This fan of the San Francisco 49ers shares that the best things about her experience with ABC MotorCredit were the no-pressure sales specialists, the world-class customer service, and the phenomenal short-term loan programs. “They didn’t force me in a car I didn’t want,” explains Kathy.

Customer Buys Her Favorite Car at her Favorite Dealership, Drives it to Her Favorite Football Stadium, and Watches the Browns Win!

What’s one of Kathy’s favorite experiences with her Chrysler 300? “I drove it to a Browns game and they won!”

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Kathy Ramos and Leartis Barnes
49ers Fan - ABC MotorCredit Loyal Customer

• 2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Favorite ABC MotorCredit car and dream car: Chrysler 300
• Appreciates the no-pressure sales philosophy
• Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
• Advice to car shoppers considering ABC MotorCredit: “Just do it! Get what you want!”
• Credit history repaired
• Credit rating increased