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Lonnie Walker and Beverly Hostetler

success story Lonnie Walker and Beverly Hostetler

Everyone knows that word of mouth is the best (or worst) form of advertising for any business, in any industry, and used car dealerships are no exception. Fortunately for the 1990-established ABC MotorCredit dealerships, that word of mouth marketing from thousands of loyal, repeat, and referring happy customers has continued to get good people with bad credit in great cars every day. And word of mouth is what first brought Lonnie Walker and Beverly Hostetler to the dealership’s doors. While there’s lots to love about this unique used car dealership, Lonnie and Beverly share that both “courtesy and honesty” were at the top of the list for these two car shoppers. They appreciated the kindness of the staff, that they were treated with respect, and that they were honestly given all the various options available to them.

What’s the first thing Lonnie and Beverly did when they drove off the ABC MotorCredit lot in their favorite vehicle – the Chevrolet Impala? “We showed it off!” They stopped by the homes of their family and friends and soon found themselves becoming their family’s “go to” drivers whenever someone needed a ride! Throughout the years, Lonnie and Beverly have purchased 3 different vehicles from ABC MotorCredit, affirming (once again) that car shoppers looking to improve their credit scores continue to keep coming back to this customer-centric auto dealership again and again. As Lonnie and Beverly successfully continue to improve their credit ratings, they become one step closer to securing one of ABC MotorCredit’s low-mileage, newer, high-end vehicles in the dealership’s awesome Tier One Gold Line inventory!

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Lonnie Walker and Beverly Hostetler
Browns Fans - Loyal and established ABC MotorCredit Customer

• 3 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Loves the extended warranty program
• Dream car: Hyundai SUV
• Love the customer referral program
• Have already referred other car shoppers to ABC MotorCredit
• Words of advice to used car shoppers: “Try it! You can’t lose!”