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Lanesha Jewell, Akron

success story Lanesha Jewell, Akron

Although Lanesha Jewell first happened upon an ABC MotorCredit dealership while out and about one afternoon, she was able to learn a lot more about the company after talking with her cousin who found and financed his vehicle at the same dealership she saw while out driving. Since Lanesha had some previous credit challenges, she was delighted to discover that ABC MotorCredit not only specializes in “helping good people with bad credit purchase great cars,” but also offers various finance options and payment plans to help individual car shoppers with their individual financial challenges.

Lanesha appreciated the option of being able to put just $99 down on a vehicle and then never have her payments be over $99. She also loved the dealership’s unique program that immediately offered a lower interest rate the higher the down payment. Further, having the ability to make her payments automatically via AutoPay if she wanted to, Lanesha realized that this program would help her to never be late for a payment while instantly reducing her interest rate even further just for signing up for the program. To be given so many different options – both in vehicle choice and in financing options – felt like a breath of fresh air for Lanesha.

Although she’s an admitted Steelers fan, the sales and service teams at ABC MotorCredit still welcomed her with open arms and still did everything they could to get her the vehicle she wanted, at the payment plan that was agreeable and doable for her. She has since purchased two vehicles from ABC MotorCredit, including what has understandably become her favorite car ~ a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. While Lanesha remains a steadfast Steelers supporter and acknowledges most of the sales and service team are Browns fans, she has told lots of others about ABC MotorCredit’s impressive inventory, unique programs, and exceptional service. Now, like her cousin, she’s also sharing her great experience at ABC MotorCredit with others. “Go to ABC,” encourages Lanesha. “ Their payment will fit your budget and they have a great warranty!”

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Lanesha Jewell
•Steelers Fan
•ABC MotorCredit Repeat Customer
•2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
•Favorite ABC MotorCredit car: Chevrolet Monte Carlo
•Dream Car: Chevy Traverse
•Loves how ABC MotorCredit staff works with her to meet her needs
•Refers friends and family to ABC MotorCredit
•Top two benefits of shopping at ABC MotorCredit: “They created a payment plan to fit my budget!” and “The sales staff is really nice!”
•Appreciates how ABC MotorCredit reports her timely payments to the major credit bureaus each month.