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Shannon & Michael Leggett, Canton

success story Shannon and Michael Leggett, Canton

When Shannon and Michael Leggett first came to ABC MotorCredit, they had some credit issues that made it a challenge for them to get a sharp, dependable vehicle at a traditional car dealership. Fortunately, ABC MotorCredit not only welcomed them with open arms, but also made it an easy, stress-free, and no-hassle process to secure a vehicle! “They were willing to work with us even though we had credit issues,” shares the couple. “We never had any problems there because of our credit issues; they made it easy to get financing.”

These Green Bay Packers fans and bowling enthusiasts have since purchased three vehicles at ABC MotorCredit. They have absolutely loved each vehicle and have enjoyed many long road trips in all of them. “We’ve taken several trips to state bowling tournaments,” explains Shannon.

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Shannon & Michael Leggett

•Green Bay Packers Fans
•Bowling Enthusiasts
•Established, Repeat ABC MotorCredit Customers
•3 car ABC MotorCredit customers
•Dream cars: Michael's is a Chevrolet Camaro and Shannon’s is the Ford Expedition
•Words of encouragement to potential ABC MotorCredit car shoppers: “You can get a vehicle the same day. They are always willing to work with you and offer lower payment options.”
•They’ve already referred others to ABC MotorCredit
•Their credit continues to improve with each new purchase and each on-time payment made