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Thomas Buchoski

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While his dream car is a Bentley, Tom Buchoski’s current favorite vehicle (and the favorite ride of his two dogs) is his Hyundai Santé Fe that he purchased at the ABC MotorCredit dealership close to his home; it’s a vehicle he absolutely loves driving around town and on windy country roads with his beloved dogs.

Although Tom was referred by an already-established and satisfied ABC MotorCredit customer, Tom prefers to do his own due diligence when on the verge of making a big ticket item purchase. He recommends other used car shoppers do the same – especially if they’re working to re-establish their once-stellar credit and don’t want to find themselves (once again) locked into a car payment they really can’t afford. “Do your homework,” recommends Tom. “Know the value of the word “used” cars and what exactly they are charging you for the same car.” In addition, Tom recommends test driving every vehicle you are considering purchasing and examining it throughout. ABC MotorCredit is right in sync with Tom’s thinking; in fact, they encourage every customer have their own mechanic of choice peruse the vehicle carefully that they’re considering buying and not to just take the highly-skilled and certified ABC MotorCredit’s technicians’’ word for it. Since even brand new cars can experience mechanical issues, Tom also recommends to “Get the warranty!”

Tom did his homework and was pleased with his results. He’s purchased two vehicles so far with ABC MotorCredit. And, as he continues to improve his credit score and his repayment history, he’s one step closer to getting that Bentley he dreams of.

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Thomas Buchoski
Loves traveling with his 2 dogs - Repeat ABC MotorCredit Customer

• 2 car ABC MotorCredit customer
• Dream car: Bentley
• Appreciates the chance to rebuild his credit
• Improving credit score with each payment
• Likes all the different incentives, programs, and options available at ABC MotorCredit